How To Keep Your Car In Condition

Keep your car clean inside and out.

Both the outside of the car and under it are dotted with garbage, debris, and dirt from the road, such as hot tar, dust, insects or different objects. Over time, these elements can damage vehicle components, including engine parts and the external structure of the body. As for the interior, you will enjoy it more and increase its resale value if you keep it clean, well maintained and orderly.


It is recommended to wash and protect the lower part of the vehicle after each taxi on roads, cities or towns near the sea. And if the car rolls permanently in cities exposed to salinity, it is recommended to wash with fresh water regularly and under the responsibility of the owner to place anticorrosive protection if it is convenient.

It is recommended to wash the body regularly for better conservation of the paint.

  • Do not use solvent, gasoline, etc., to clean the body.
  • Do not use sponges with abrasive surfaces or abrasive products.
  • After washing, brake progressively to remove the water from the discs and brake pads.

ATTENTION: Do not clean the engine compartment with the water jet, this can seriously affect the computers and electrical parts of the vehicle, which would lead to repair or replacement without warranty. Check out this auto body shop pueblo co for more tips.…

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